Tuesday, 24 December 2013



"Time has witnessed that the Indian women is an epitome of great will power, emotional strength, courage and sacrifice. The qualities coupled in high grade education and exposure in the society is a perfect blend for an Indian woman to lead the country with not only analytical and practical approach but also compassion in the right direction. Women are capable of leading the society in the right direction and they have proved it over the years, be it Mrs. Indira Gandhi our first woman prime minister or The Indian Airforce women pilots who have rescued thousands of lives in the flood ridden regions of Uttarakhand. 
    The age old concept of defining a woman has to be changed. Some might argue that this has already been put into action but I am of the thought that the percentage of women who make it up there are very minimal. They have been giving the men a tough competition and redefined herself as the world maker. Women have been proving their capabilities in each and every field. Even when they have overcome so much, single handedly slashing and cutting across all the prejudices prevailing in the society, with their heads held high with the true spirit of warriors and they have achieved so much over the years.
 But what does the so called patriarchal society give in return to all this? Women till date are subjected to abuse of all kinds, violence and age old concepts like child marriage and female foeticide. Isn't it our job to empower them and encourage them rather than turning these world makers into victims of illiteracy and harassment. Laws are being passed every day, debates are being held for the sake of women empowerment. But just countering and arguing doesn't change anything.
 The need of the hour would be effective implementation of harsh punishments to those who subject women to harassment. Provide the women with some extra support and confidence to achieve their fullest potential and cut off all their restrictions. 
Time has come for us to rise and empower the Indian women. Think about it fellow Indians She is your mother, daughter, sister or wife. Your lifeline. The winner behind your success story! How can you hurt such a beautiful piece of art that has gone through so much pain?"

This is a part of my first debate.( I edited it a bit) It was about whether Indian Women are capable of leading the society in the right direction.Well, I was in 6th grade back then and the Jury was delighted to see so much conviction and passion in a little girls eyes. To my surprise I won the debate. Since that day I have strongly felt the need to voice my opinion. As far as this country goes, If you have sensible things to say people will listen to you but if you are rich and powerful then that's a different scenario. 

 The ideology of a Modern Indian Nari, however has evolved over time; she is daring, free spirited, independent, smart and beautiful. But at the same time she embraces the strong Indian values and lives up to the various roles she has to play. She knows how to respect her independence at the same time clinging on to her family values. She has turned into this wonderful mixture of what the pop culture calls a ‘womaniya’.

 Coming from a society like India’s, this modern outlook that we see in the contemporary women would not have been possible without their willpower. Even though she has transformed herself with the due course of time, we still haven’t transformed our mindsets. In a country like India, even today if a woman walks by wearing a pair of jeans or forget a pair of jeans, even if she is dressed modestly in a sari, “people” are bound to throw her that evil look and cook up stories. This is just a mere example that I have stated, there are much more cruel things that prevail which are far deeply embedded into our mindsets. 

Born in a nation where people worship Goddesses but  treat their wife's like dirt on the road. A nation where rapes and harassment cases are dragged from several decades in court but the SC doesn't flinch for a moment before criminalizing gay sex. If something is unnatural then it certainly are rapes and paedophilia not homosexuality. A nation where everybody talks and talks but acts very little. Oh well and our favourite past time is the blame-game. It has been a year since the brutal rape of Nirbhaya left the nation shaken and thinking. Something of that intensity had to happen to awaken this nation from their yearly kumbakaran sleep. 

It continued with long seen feminist articles, women empowerment programmes and justice for nirbhaya. None of which has been effective. What's sad is that after Nirbhaya the media and newspapers are flooded with rape cases every other day. It has completely blown up on our faces. If anything at all Nirbhaya's case should have empowered the girls and strengthened the rape laws. Instead it has instilled fear in the hearts of young girls, portrayed them as vulnerable section of the society. It has been a year now and all that a mighty nation known for its rich culture and religious background can't respect and protect its women. 

It has been a year and my worst fear has become prevalent. Everybody seems to have forgotten about those times.We are all busy shopping and merry making this holiday season while some girl in some corner of this nation is being subjected to rape and no one even knows about it. Well that's the truth and it's time we face it.

What about the promises that brothers make to their little sisters on Raksha Bandhan and Bhai Dooj that they'll protect them forever. What about the dreams that a father sees for his daughter to grow into beautiful woman. Promises are broken and Dreams are shattered. Is that all we can do?

The other day I was watching BBC and this show came up where the journalist said " A nation where rapes take place every other minute of the day" almost exact were his words and I was taken aback by this because  now even the global community also thinks that India is a land of rapes and harassment. Is that what we want our Identity to be?

This might be just another feminist article stating the plight of the poor, sufferings of the Indian women, blaming the media and our netas and a satirical take on the working of our great nation. Or you can see it as the voice of a young girl who is  deeply against all the atrocities committed  against women and demands respect for women. Because I have seen my great grandmother, grandmother, mother and aunt undergo the "agni pariksha" of the patriarchal society and I know what it is like to be treated that way. Simply for the reason that I don't wish to see my daughter and grand daughter under any such circumstances.

But the question that I want to leave you with is, are we ready to change, let alone willing to let go of our age old mindsets against women? Are we as a nation with patriarchal history going to support, respect and empower our women? Well I can’t wait to witness the time in India where not only the laws and reservations give women equal rights but the people from their mind and heart. 

May there come a time where the mind is without fear and the head is held high of every single women in this country. 

Wednesday, 11 December 2013

The Tomato Theory.

Yes. You read it right. It is the Tomato Theory. My very own theory based on the confused technically-fruit-but-vegetable- in the culinary world. It has been quite some time since I have come up with something good or got myself to write a piece.So I thought this is it, time to make this official.
Tomatoes as you all know is botanically and scientifically a fruit since it is developed from the ovary of the flower and contains seeds. But due to it's low sugar content it is consumed as vegetables in our food. This has given rise to way too many confusions and even legal speculations, whether tomatoes are fruits or vegetables. Tomato's status has caused jeopardy and made it a matter of legal importance. ( Refer Wikipedia for further information or just google it)
That was just an over view for the first part of my theory. As theories go, It's time to link this to something else and form a relevant hypothesis. Well, from what I have learnt. In the narrow minded eyes of the world these tomatoes are seen as acidic vegetables. But however ,backed by scientific proof tomatoes are fruits. And just like any other fruit they are amazing face cleansers, conditioning agents and are nutritious. Often you see a lot of posts on the internet - Is tomato a fruit or a vegetable?! This sort of gives tomatoes a very weird sexual status in the Kingdom Plantae. Which is very sad according to me because it should either be this or that and not some confused thing. One should be fully confident and aware of one's status. It is a very important thing and should be looked at that way. For this ambiguity in tomato's social status, all the credits go to the culinary world. It 's like these poor lil tomatoes are being ostracised. What's really disturbing is that over time we have stopped questioning the status of tomatoes because we are so used to seeing them in salads, curries and sabzis and not in desserts or cakes. By what the society has taught us or what we have observed, all fruits are sweet and used in desserts and stuff like that. Personally, I am not a big fan of tomatoes. In fact I hate eating them raw. Don't get me wrong here, I am totally fine with tomato ketchup or soup. It is just the raw tomato. Okay, that is not the point. The point is that tomatoes need justice, not just a mere bill saying that Hereby we restore tomatoes real identity and they will be found in the fruits section of the super market, but sterner stuff like a tomato revolution in the culinary world.
Now lets talk about Human tomatoes. Yes that is a term that I coined for a specific section of people in the society particularly the Indian society who by nature have a great aptitude in a particular field but are forced to do something else, just because the society feels that it has a higher status. A very classic example for this could be the bollywood flick- 3 Idiots. ( If you have watched that movie, you'll know what I am talking about) In India we get to spot a lot of human tomatoes and let's get this straight it is mostly because of the myopic view of the society and some parental pressure.
For instance, a very talented young boy named Anoop, who loves photography and poetry. He is extremely passionate about them and is highly gifted in that area. He could take that as a career and lead a happy life. But no, due to parental and societal pressure he's gotta do engineering . Right there you have a human tomato.  From then on he will be know as the gloomy engineer and not the top notch travel photographer. More than his passion and dreams it is a question of his identity. People should have the freedom to do what they want and to build their identity as they wish.
So just like our tomatoes, who don't know whether they belong in the fruit basket or the vegetable tray. The human tomatoes are deviated from their passion and undergo an identity or status crisis. But we all know that ideally tomatoes belong in the fruit basket. So what if they are a bit acidic not sweet enough for a fruit, that makes them special and sets them apart from the rest. Such is the plight of the human tomatoes as well. You have people telling things like follow your dreams and chase them, don't ever give up on your passion. It is easier said than done especially in a society like our very own. Not everybody gets to live their dream and it's not because they can't it is simply because they don't let them and thus the tomato. And all this talk about India being a developed nation, super economy and better work force won't prevail if the tomatoes knew where they belong. Simply if people did what they wanted to do , the world would be a better place, an efficient place.
This is just a rough outline of the theory. I thought I should post it to make it seem official so that soon I'll be able to come up with a hypothesis backed by solid scientific research. You know how it is these days, all science , technology and development but still you have these good old tomatoes. It is okay if you are a tomato, you'll get justice some day soon. I promise. One day you'll be able to breathe in the fresh air and you'll know where you are headed. You'll be better off. Don't panic if you ever figure out that you are a tomato. Just take a deep breath and that little hobby of your's that you have hidden, bring it on. The world needs more talent, more tomatoes like you!
I believe that this tomato crisis is very disturbing and soon increasing. It might sound funny but it is sad and real. We need to think of a way to turn this around, something feasible. We need to guide them to a place where they belong and a one that they deserve. It is extremely difficult and sad to undergo all this. Look around you'll find loads to tomatoes. Who don't know what they are doing and stuck in a no man's land. So this is a initiative to put back all the tomatoes into the fruit basket. They'll still be tomatoes but they'll be happy and the society will respect them for what they want to be and not what the society wants them to do.
All hail the Solanum lycopersicum ( scientific name for tomato)

 TOMATO SONG xD -http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8gS8jthb0ZE

Thursday, 14 November 2013

Ten years from now.

'Have you ever thought about what it would be like ten years from now?' She asked me in a sort of lost- in -my -thoughts -dreamy way. 'Well I haven't given much thought to it' I said.
'I feel that no matter how old you are and no matter what life brings your way, one must always have plans and a purpose worth living for.' She replied. I couldn't agree more. 
All that you have is this one life and you might as well die some day without any significant accomplishment. By accomplishment I don't mean to say, to win a Nobel Prize or to become the President. I am simply referring to things like, completing all the activities in your customized to-do list, travelling to some place, staying past your curfew and feeling so badass about it or burning those brownies that you baked for your friend’s birthday. It could be as insignificant as buying your favourite orange sweatshirt. (Well in my case it was the orange sweatshirt) That is how memories are made. Most of the time you don't really plan for things to happen, they just come your way.
But yet again this insignificant act is what might become a significant accomplishment. They talk about happiness from the unexpected places. These things might not matter now, but when I look back in to my life ten years later, it is the orange sweatshirt that accompanied me on that adventure or nursed me through the Himalayan weather. 
See there, I'll have stories to tell and significant memories to recollect. The circumstances that life puts you in are inevitable, so why not look forward to these moments with a grin on your face and some optimistic plans stacked up in your head. Then again, I guess it is okay if things don't happen the way we expected or go according to the plans we jotted down. The whole point of making plans is just giving you a purpose to live or something to look forward to. Just for the fun of it, when you recall these adventures with your friend, talk about the drama and the memorable moments.
This random conversation with my friend actually got me thinking about things like, where would I be ten years from now? What would I be doing? Will I survive this brutal world till then? It sparked a sense of bewilderness. All that I knew was, I had to be somewhere right. Breathing in some colourful corner of this world or merged with the colourful hues of the rainbows. Either ways I will be in some place, be it the mountain peaks or the river valleys. Only that it wouldn’t be so colourful. Forgive the delirium that I constantly live in.  I wonder what that some place would look like. In my head, ten years from now I will be twenty five, hopefully with a decent college degree and if I am lucky enough you would find me training in the IAA in the heavenly hills of Mussourie. This is just a vague outlook of my ambitious ten year plan. You never know where this is going to take me. For now all that I can hope for it to be a nice lovely rainbow-ish place. Then again it is not going to be all the nice you know.
 Ten years from now all my experiences will make me stronger and a better person, I know that for sure. One important thing is that by then I have to find my love and somehow cupid has got to shoot his goddamn arrow and spare me the crazy old cat lady's fate.  I want to welcome love when he finally arrives with a bang. I wish to save the details for later.
One can’t always keep Carpe-ing the Diem. If you seize every moment of the day, living it to the fullest, as infinite and blissful it sounds it is just boring trust me. So it is okay to sway away from your routine and to sit there dream and make more plans, when things don’t go right.

I might just read this post ten years from now and laugh out loud about my amateur and highly optimistic plans. 
So let's see Ten years from now what awaits for me. Ambition or Crazy cat lady?! 

P.S - I posted this a few days back but it happened to magically disappear. Somehow I managed to put it all back but it just doesn't seem right. It tastes like my chocolate cake recipe is missing something important and I just don't know what it is. I'll let you know if I ever figure it out. 

Sunday, 3 November 2013

The Festival of Lights.

I began writing this post in my beautiful balcony overseeing the concrete jungle of Bangalore. Quite a view I must say. Only that I chose the wrong time to experience the usually peaceful-calm-serene balcony to pump in some inspiration for my bland post. Just then I was welcomed with the loud bursting noise of the crackers, it grew louder and worse. Well, my bad. I almost forgot that Diwali was here. (The Gregorian calender is very confusing and inefficient!) I just couldn't stand the annoying noise, I ran back into the house with nothing more than a severe headache and a confused mind.
 My English teacher had taught me that ' Diwali is the festival of lights', I remember writing the same in my childhood school essays. It is funny how certain things that are given emphasis in school/ things that you learn in school, once you grow up and meet the real world out there they seem nothing more than a LIE( I feel so let down and sad about that). Over the years I have witnessed Deepavali  become the festival of noise and pollution. It is like celebrating the catalyst in damaging our beloved mother nature. Not to mention the sad state of those adorable dogs out there. I completely empathize with the dogs, dog owners, environment lovers and all those people who are happy with lighting lamps, dressing up ,eating sweets and are scared of bursting crackers and cover it up with the pretext of being ' ecofriendly'. You guys are indirectly doing a great help, you must have realised it by now. Thank you so much.
This festive season is the most awaited one in India. The mouth watering home made sweets and savouries over a hundred varieties which never fails to entertain you mouth and weight. A month before Diwali you can see Gym's overflowing with people trying to shed that extra bit of fat so they can fit into that new sherwani or show off their belly button in that sexy ghaghara. Sending out hand picked assorted sweet boxes to your loved ones. The beautiful bright diyas adding on to the festiveness. The colourful patterns of rangoli. The facebook status updates and glamorous pictures.The entertaining shows keeping us anchored to the television ( that way we can have some great family time).The ever increasing long shopping lists, the appealing discount rates in supermarkets and the feeble economy and its inflationary rates leaves the common man satisfied only with stacking kilos of onions. The festival of lights calls for this and so much more!
Socializing with your distant cousins, family and friends over a scrumptious diwali feast is most common in the elite families of India, exchanging gifts as if it were the Indian Christmas, making small talk and sipping that last bit of aam panna. Some are happy with laddoos, phone calls to their relatives, a box of fire crackers and the within-budget new clothes brought with their diwali bonus. While the rest have to settle for a gaze at the ever crackling sparkling cracker show in the night sky, sighing and hoping if they  are lucky enough to come across a decent piece of laddoo or let alone a square meal. This is the diversity of India that we often boast about.
Well, I bet you all have put on those extra kilos munching on your mum's yummy diwali specials; at your best and gleeful wearing the shimmery costumes; enjoying the visual feast around you; bursting crackers, illuminating your house with the ever serene diyas; friends, families, love and positivity. The hustle bustle, jhatak matak, loud noises, bold colours and happy people; that is what Indian festivals are about.
 There is something special about the festival of lights that sets it apart for the year long festivals celebrated in India. Amidst the festive frenzy and the smell of crackers fresh in the air, all the evil that has to be dealt with is forgotten ( that is not very good for long) and a sense of belongingness and happiness is found in every bright corner of India.
It is the spirit of festival at its best.
Happy Diwali, play it safe!

Reasons behind celebrating Diwali-

                                                                       P.C- Alvina Joshi

One Fine Morning...

I woke up one fine morning,
I couldn't recognise this place,
But there was something so strangely familiar,
that left me ruminating.
It felt like somebody had erased my memory
and left me free in the wild.
A vulnerable animal, hiding from the predator.
Only to know that I was the predator.
Feeding my own dark thoughts,
giving rise to the monster within me.
It was like yesterday never happened,
Whatever I believed was true, started crumbling apart,
My senses were defying my belief.
I ran around in utter disbelief,
Confusion, chaos and curiosity struck me,
like Zeus' lightning bolt.
I found myself in the middle of Nowhere.
I ran like a wild bull was charging me,
My heart pounding with anxiety,
I stopped by a deserted alley to catch my breath,
But when I got there it wasn't quite deserted!
I noticed : these bunch of  girls giggling and chatting ,
Aunties shopping and gossiping around the corner,
I could hear the click of champagne glasses.
Weirdly,no one seems to notice me.
There was this couple and a young girl,
seated on a couch and engaged in a intense debate.
She was scared, I could tell that by the look of her eyes,
They were so deep,it was as if she was trying to tell me something
Something precautionary, something that would explain my wild run this morning.
But I couldn't make sense of the happenings.
Just then, I found myself looking at this little girl
She was safely wrapped around in her blanky,
I watched her closely, the happiness and bliss on her innocent face was priceless.
Maybe that is what I was looking for, the pure serenity.
All of a sudden this little angel disappeared,
leaving behind  fairy dust.
The more I looked around for answers,
the more I lost them.
I was left where I started off.
Practically, I was getting Nowhere.
I needed to figure out why I went to the deserted alley in the first place.
Time was running out, my conscience didn't seem to cooperate.
Everything was known, yet so unknown.
My identity, I don't know what that is?!
Do I even belong somewhere?
All that I knew was, I am self contradicting.
Funny, how I could sense the paradox under such circumstances.
I woke up one fine morning,
Except that it was everything but fine.
Everything and everybody had changed,
that is what I felt until the little girl came in,
It was not them after all,
regardless that their opinions were the catalysts.
It was my perspective and that is all that mattered.
I grabbed my chisel and began building what looked like a sculpture,
Honestly, I didn't know what I was doing.
I built it like 'they' asked me to,
A made-up identity didn't last long,
I was charged guilty soon.
It took me quite some time to realise,
that 'I' was no longer what I thought I was,
Things had changed and 'I' grew up.
I seek a greater understanding within myself.
I was aware of the complexity of the situation,
I am stuck between the force of time and the intricacy of my perspectives.
The more I try to free myself, the more I get strangled between the forces.
I am scared of the known,
I am fragile and in need of repair.
I look for the silver lining out there,
But the cloud pours heavily on me.
I woke up one fine morning,
Hoping that it isn't a teenage dream gone wrong.
Maybe it is not as bad as it seems...

P.S- I just can't decide on a post title for this one.

Monday, 21 October 2013

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Saturday, 19 October 2013


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Friday, 18 October 2013

The Fantasy-tic Diaries.

I glanced at the mirror for the hundredth time now; to touch up my make up and run my fingers through my hair again and again feeling the silky soft just- conditioned –princess hair. I was dressed in an adorable white dress with a lacy netted neck piece attached with a big satin bow to tie at the back. I don’t even know what that dress is called; mum had got that one for me. It felt so pretty and I just fell in love with that gorgeous thing. I put on my kitten heels and went looking for my clutch and successfully spotted it under my almirah. I had to hurry, it was past six and I was supposed to reach the venue by six. (Getting ready is not what I do the best)
I was part of organizing the grand gala reunion of the 2013 graduating batch from Kendriya Vidyalaya NAL.  (even though we are about 20 of us now. But originally we started off with just nine crazy teenagers, like the population of India our cozy little family grew and is further expanding)
 Like I said, dressing up is not what I do quite often; neither do I wear makeup on a daily basis. I feel that if you look explicit and extraordinary everyday then when it comes to those extraordinary days you look very ordinary. But most the times I am just lazy to dress up and all that. The thought of managing the subtle, precious and sometimes heavy jewellery; getting all this through the sweat, confusion and hustle bustle of such special occasion is simply exhausting. I am happy with my pajamas and sweatshirts. I set aside all the dressing up and make up only for such special occasions. And this one clearly was a very special one. I was in cloud nine to meet these people and smother them with all the excitement and love. It was almost five years since we all came together and had a nice lovely chat. We were all "grown-ups" now, in our early twenties busy with college and establishing a life for ourselves, we hardly had any time for social networking sites and moreover most of us had moved out of Bangalore for “further” studies. So this called for a get together.
 It was a beautiful September night and as for Bangalore’s weather which is always so unpredictable, that night Lord Indra had blessed us with a very pleasant forecast. I was very pleased since it was a roof top garden party and the weather was one of the key quotients. I was impatient to add yet another memorable and unforgettable day of my life.
 I was completely drowned in the river of nostalgia, ever green memories of my glory days came flushing to me. Just as I was lost in my thoughts, my phone rang. “Holy Shit!” I gasped and ran to grab my vespa keys. It was a wide pedo smiling face of adobo aka Advay Sharma (– a handsome young man who was about to deep fry me in his deep manly voice for getting late. By the way, he is pursuing his law and he happens to be a very talented and charming boy) was flashing on my phone, I picked up the call thinking of an excuse quickly. “Where the hell are you?” yelled adobo. “On my way yaar, will see you in another fifteen minutes” I replied calmly. “Ok! And do not forget to grab those paneer tikkas on the way.” He reminded me. “Ohh yeah, I will! Is Pooh there yet? Just ask her to take care of the music and stuff. And I got a call from Ani, he is on his way from the airport and he needs a place to freshen up. Arrange it for him. Will ya?!” I stuffed him with more work. “I will take care of that Madame. Get your ass up here ASAP now.” He cut the call saying that.
The last minute arrangement, push and pull, arrangement, non cooperating annoying people, scarcity of ice cubes, the music system getting stuck, your veggie starters not arriving on time. All these things are the part and parcel of organizing a social event. We also had to face such gala catastrophes, but it didn’t matter much because it was going to be us and it would be special no matter what. I ducked the ever traffic jammed roads of Bangalore, almost got hit by an auto rickshaw  and reached the beautiful posh housing area of Koramangala. God the houses are like castles. Absolutely splendid! 
*honk honk* " Bhaiyaa, Open the gate!" I screamed, sitting on my vespa outside addu's really gorgeous huge castle like house. A lanky elderly man came running. I parked my vespa and ran up to the terrace in a hurry. I could hear the sound to glasses clicking, soft music on the background, a few excited voices and the aroma of the sizzling kababs were simply mesmerizing. I reached the terrace and boy I was bewildered. 
to be continued...

Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Rambling Shacks.

I just can’t find the inspiration to write; maybe I am searching in all the wrong places. I begin with typing out these random words, end up rambling and poof there it goes, and I just stare at an absolutely empty page all day while my thoughts wander around the music playing in the background. That’s it; I call it a day for writing and just sit there and hunt for something to just pounce up on me like a fierce tiger. The problem with the tiger is that just as swiftly and majestically he arrives just as that he exits. One must grab the tiger by his tail and try to lock him up in a well protected cell in their respective brains.
 Well I haven’t given up yet that’s something to appreciate about, I am waiting for the right moment to arrive and trigger something inspirational in order to allow me to manifest the inner capabilities to equip me with those powerful tools. I stare at the ceiling fan for hours together; there is something so catchy about the rapid circular motion of a fan that keeps me occupied. It is so hypnotic. While I am patiently waiting for that piece of beautiful inspiration to take its place in my head, mind you patience is not a quality that I often possess and steadily the patience to be patient is on the brink of slipping away yet again. I want to write about so many things, I know there are so many untold stories within me that I would like to unveil; I want to pen down a revolution, I want to entertain people , I want to open up my heart through my writing , my pen is the medium of expressing my feelings. My aspirations are very well aimed for the stars but I need to figure out a way to get there to at least reach the skies.
All this just gets to me and in one moment it’s a frenzy of feelings and thoughts and the next moment it is all gone, just the way it arrived. I wish to become an artist capable of painting these bold letters and weaving the words with the silver lining. I know that the little baby steps matter here but impatience gets the better of me. The impatience to live the “dream”, experiencing the perks, feeling good about yourself and the feeling of accomplishment. Honestly speaking somewhere along I have wanted to take the easy way out, the shortcut route and I am aware that it doesn't work that way ever, does it? You know like those books which say 10 easy steps to lose weight in 2 weeks or 10 easy steps to grow rich, well these things never work out. You either end up bankrupt or with horrible side effects or these steps are just indirectly indicating you to work hard.  You shed some sweat, work your ass off that is when you are paid off, then the satisfaction is extremely fulfilling. That is how it works at least that is how I have seen it work. So basically I am confused, scared, and unaware of what life is going to bring my way the next moment. As I am slowly sculpting my “way” (at least I think I am) , shedding those drops of sweat and  looking for the tiger and it pains me to say that it is difficult to hunt down one of these beasts at the rate at which these creatures are dying, I am held up in my own rambling shack.
 Guess what? I have successfully written a piece of rambling with no definite beginning and end. It is not bad for a restart. I should rename my blog as rambling shacks or something, since the imbued bubble within me just got burst. I like to ramble around with words; this is how I feel on the inside, shattered in a very funny way. Okay I better stop here for now and let my ramble do the talking.That's it for now. 
PS- let me know if you feel the same way or different. It makes me feel better.Thank you.

Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Life Unexpected.

So it all began one fine evening ,when I cosily indulged into this gripping novel by Varun Agarwal - How I braved Anu aunty and Co- Founded a million dollar company. What a book I must say, It left me thinking about our "Great Indian Education System" and its consequences on young India, but it is a whole new debate to be discussed. I love the way he puts his interesting life story.To me it seems all practical and  awesome and yet he has been successful in delivering some intricate B-school knowledge and some survival tips in the entrepreneurial world. I was so engrossed in that book, turning page after page, curious to discover his success story. Well to my conscious efforts, this little story of his was feeding to my Plan B, which is to co-found a company and become a successful entrepreneur. I have just formulated the rough idea, hope it soon transforms into something real soon.
 So, just as I had almost sunk into the pages, getting inspired and started making a few future plans, there was a sudden knock at the door and my parents rushed to get the door and I could sense the emergency in the air so I took my eyes off the book and ran to the living room only to find out that a man in my apartment who was supposedly my neighbour was lying unconscious.My dad is the only doctor in the apartment so he had to rush to that uncle's aid and my mom too headed out to enquire the situation. I didn't care much, besides I had a novel to finish and continue fantasising about my future.I got back to my room and continued reading. You know those moments when you are reading with complete concentration and attention,you suddenly jerk into reality which is gloomy and sad because you want to get to the super awesome book world. Well the same thing happened to me and I had woken from this aunty yelling on her phone in a very tensed and angst voice, but she managed to be loud enough." Send Ambulance, Patient unconscious. Serious." These words were enough for me to run downstairs and get a glimpse of the whole situation and it had been quite some time since my parents had left. I was sweating a bit and I didn't know why?!I went running down only to see an aunty weeping and her kajal had spread all over her face which added to the scariness of the situation. I peeped into the house and there was no sign of my parents and I didn't know what to do so I kind of hid behind the stairs ( Yes, I did that) only a few moments later mom came out and found me sitting on the stairs and informed me that the man was no more. He just died. POOF. He was gone. I accompanied my mom to their house, only to find a dead man lying on the bed, his wife moaning loudly and his startled children hugging their mother. It was a disturbing scene. It sort of affected me, left me thinking about the uncertainty of life. Life was at its peak for that man, he had a good job, bought a new house, was finally settling down, only when the universe decided to end it for him. He had it all. He seemed to pretty happy with his life. He was a perfectly healthy young Indian techie, who was relaxing after a long days work. He was working on his laptop and the next moment he was on the floor. Left cold dead by a massive cardiac arrest.That is it. Just by a matter of seconds he left his body, his job, his wife widowed , his children were fatherless, his wealth, and everything he knew was true was gone.
 A second let alone a moment can cause so much damage to us. We often undermine the power of a second and we believe that we are invincible.Life may be uncertain but death is the only certain think a human can ever think of. We came into this world with NOTHING and sure as hell we will take back NOTHING. Then why are we here? What is the purpose of life? We are not even the size of a dust particle in comparison to our vast universe. We are tremendously insignificant. But our insignificance doesn't stop us from doing things and being happy. Maybe that is why great people are so humble and down to earth because they have realised that all the fame, money and greatness doesn't matter after all and they have experienced the insignificance and uncertainty of human life.
 Nobody knows what is going to happen to you the very next moment. I mean the possibilities are vast- you could fall in love , just die, someone could bomb your house, aliens could invade our planet, unicorns could be flying on rainbows and it goes on. Anything can happen. All that you have with you is RIGHT NOW. This very freaking moment. I feel that there exists nothing like the future ( too hypocritical for a person who makes loads of "future" plans) You never know what is going to happen to you the nest second. So,Carpe the Diem.
Sometimes life seems to be nothing but illusions. Maybe we just weave these delusions and feed them with our experiences or things that we feel are true and it is ends up to a carpet called life.
One thing that I took back from this little experience of mine was,well let me quote Shakespeare first.
There's a tide in the affairs of men, Which taken at the flood, leads on to fortune.Omitted, all the voyages of their life is bound in shallows and in miseries.On such a full sea are we now afloat,and we must take the current when it serves or lose our ventures.Well, life is short and opportunities are rare so seize every opportunity and live your dream. There is no time to wait for the right time to come around. If you want to do something , then you might as well start now.
So, the chain of events always turn out to be unexpected and the very zeal of life lies in its unexpected ness. What fun would it be to play a game so obvious and revealing?! 

Sunday, 8 September 2013

The Innocence Of Childhood

Remember when you ran around the park trying every ride, screaming and giggling. Hesitant at first because you were astound by the mechanism of the rides or you were just scared to heights and big things. But nevertheless you took the ride out of your fascination, then slowly it literally becomes a child's play. Running around all day, covered in mud ,sweat and what not. Rolling all around the place,ending up at a friends house and falling asleep in the couch but somehow magically ending up in your bed. The picnics, epic food and games. Remember the amazing toys that you used to boast about? The illustrated and colourful story books, the cartoons. The crazy games, cute dancing and singing rhymes. Being on the spotlight and being cuddled. Learning the alphabets and numbers. Knocking doors to call your playmates for a game.The innocent naughtiness.Pestering your parents and dirtying the whole house.
The first time when your daddy taught you how to ride a bicycle or to skate and helped you at first and then let you on your own, you trembled, fell and cried a bit. But that is how you learnt how to ride a bicycle and balance yourself.  After your evening play time, you go back home crying because something terrible has happened to you or you come home with these bunch of incidents to narrate. Remember the time when all that you worried or thought about was your playmates, toys, cartoons and your comics. We all have these amazing eventful stories to narrate, behind every scar and bruise.We have also dreamt of the most bizarre and strange things. We had our bags of dreams, so big that it almost seems impossible but yet we had the power to believe in them.
When you looked at things just as they were in the most purest of forms. These instances might be miniature snapshots  in your head right now.You might as well remember few incidents with great detail.Everything was brighter back then, the rich hues and textures. The rainbows, meadows, ice creams, dogs and parks! We sought happiness in the tiniest of things. Unaware of the brutality of life, we ran around chasing the butterflies and laughing.Childhood is this wonderful phase of human life. This is the period where every human is shaped ,moulded and prepared for life.
We were happy, cheerful, gleeful and innocent people. But look what has happened to us now, the stressful and worrisome life we lead today. Well, the pressure of growing up ,adulthood and becoming aware of the complexity of the society got in the way. We have our Growth Hormones and the society to blame for that. Some times we get so strangled in this confusing puzzle, we all face failure and are left hopeless. We get so caught up in the materialistic lifestyle that has a way of ripping off all our happiness that we forget that life is something so much more than all this. We forget our childhood.Most of all you forget the power of magic,fairies,moon and your Grand mom's stories.
The next time you feel this way, shattered and broken. Take a journey on the memory lane of your childhood. Even though the memories just seem to be blur, they are capable of retrieving your lost smile and happiness comes flooding back to you. You realise so many things, you regain the meaning and purpose in life. It is fascinating how the intervention of your innocent childhood can help you realise so many things and bring you back on your A-game.
So take a deep breath and meander into your childhood.

Friday, 6 September 2013

The Forgotten Desi Khazana.

India, a country known for its rich culture and heritage. The complex aspects of our tradition is what makes it authentic and sets us apart from the rest.
The languages,food,dance forms, music, literature,festivals,temples,attire,beliefs, ideologies and the list goes on. We the People of a country who's past has been a story worth narrating, the ups and downs, the valour and courage of great leaders that has set us free today from the British Raj! Even after 66 years of Independence can we actually call ourselves Independent, free and a developing nation?
How do we call ourselves all this, if millions of Indians' ideologies are hindered and they still favour the Videshi way of life and their products. Right from what we eat to what we wear. Some might just put quality as an excuse, for some it is a matter of financial supremacy and the lamest of all, some do it just because it seems COOL. It cannot get any worse,using a Videshi product or imitating them just because it is cool. Have we all lost our reasoning abilities, have we forgotten the struggle for our freedom, have we stopped believing in the richness and delicacy of our accomplishments. We are simply  inviting unwanted  Videshi influence by committing these acts.
 Globalization is good, but not at the cost our culture and tradition. We ourselves are the biggest culprits for all the global damage India has to face. What is nationalism if our minds are inclined towards imitating and worshipping the westerners? The very essence of patriotism and nationalism is lost here. Where is the feeling of oneness,the intricacy of our lifestyle, the legacy of our ancestors? Yet again we have become their puppets. And this time they have abducted something so much more valuable, they have penetrated deep into the souls of young Indians, and this is what scares me the most. 
Gandhiji initiated the Swadeshi movement for a reason, It was something so much more than just burning down and boycotting the British goods.We have replaced our own cuisine, the Masala dosas with Burgers, filter coffee with cappuccino, upma with a sandwich, and the saddest part is that we try to make it sound cool. These are our food items for a reason. How many of us would want to wear a saree over shirt and a pair jeans or a dress?! How many of us are actually proud of being an Indian? How will we be, most of us are busy planning to go settle down in abroad and design a future for themselves. But what about the future of  India,let alone the present?! Just by celebrating the National festivals and feeling patriotic just for a day is not what we are talking about. This is not supposed to be occasional. 
Later in the course of history, Should our grand kids remember us as these Videshi's copy cats and puppets? Don't we have the potential to promote the authenticity of our culture and something of our own.
The reasons are simply the various factors that make us who we are. We Indians eat this dish or wear that dress because of the geographical conditions,climatic conditions, topography of our motherland and so much more.These things were built to suit the reasons ,it is supposed to be that way and that is how we work, let alone our body functions.It is like hosting a foreign organism, a virus in your body, feeding it with nutrition and helping it grow, at first we might be fascinated but it ends up damaging your system. Our Identity is dying a sad slow death day by day. The way we think, dress, act, speak,read,interact,eat is governed and administered by them and most of all we are allowing them to do so. If this is what The People of India want, then we need to forget about eradicating poverty, illiteracy, the economic crisis and the social evils. We need to go pull out our sinking and draining IDENTITY from the vicious deep blue ocean.
Next time you go to a store pick up a Indian made article because by doing so you are boosting up the production of our industries,you are promoting a desi article and that is where the long lost sense of  belonging has a rebirth.It might be a simple act but it's consequences are of great intensity. Go for the paranthas and dosas because they are cooked for your system and the Indian cuisine is extremely diverse with the bags of rich spices and colours.
It is high time that we begin to clean it up ,save and preserve what ever little is left of our nation's pride. It is all in our heads, we are just undermining and discriminating our capabilities.We must begin to believe in the strength of  our concepts, ideologies, traditions and heritage.
So,Think before your act. Think because it helps. Think because this is how it is supposed to be and this is how it is. Because by thinking you are just saving yourself. 
You are an Indian and take pride in that very fact.
Desi jiyo. Desi raho!

Saturday, 31 August 2013

Treadmill Pe Gyan.

A few days ago I ended up in the Gym. Well that is what happens when your unconditional eternal love for food, backfires on you. I dislike those people who eat so much and still don’t manage to gain any sort of body mass. I wonder how they do it. All hail their metabolic system or whatever it is. My solution for all the problems is FOOD. It is something so amazing and trust me on this, food contains these yet to be discovered magical powers that can solve issues. I can’t even begin to tell you about my relationship with food. Keeping my love for food aside, let’s go back to my time in the gym. 
So, I began with the usual stretches and the belly exercises and stuff. How do the fitness freaks do it? This is so much work.Phew. "Self control and supposedly the love for their body",keeps them going.This is complete bull shit. After the superficial stretches, I hopped onto the treadmill, my favourite gym equipment, to get going with some serious exercise. I began running on the treadmill, I was staring out of the window which connected me to the outside world, this gihugic concrete carpet.Then it struck me like an epiphany.
Drops of sweat on my forehead, heart racing and all over I felt so light and the next moment these thoughts come rushing. It was a good feeling but behind all this good part was the side of truth, the cold, heavy not so easy to digest part. Life is a race, a journey. We all have our ways of running this marathon. You just have to keep going without questioning it's elements. You know like just go with the flow.The speed and inclination buttons are under your complete conscious control, so you get to adjust it and make the most of it. But then again we can’t just keep running for ever. We stop once in a while, breathe and boom we are back on track. We are provided with all the required tools or we acquire them sometimes. We break our journey down in to simpler steps , experiment on various theories and methods to reach the destination. We all have one thing in common, We all want to taste the fruit of success and achieve the ultimate goal, make it to the finish line. But what happens when we get there? What lies in the finish line?What's next? Aiming for the unknown.This element of curiosity is what keeps the race going. 
Then the darkness sets in.Sometimes it might seem like you have lost the race. You just can’t figure out what it is that you are doing. And your mind burdens you with all sorts of questions. It seems like you are heading nowhere. You are left all alone, hopelessly and you just seize to work. All the bright and shiny is just sucked out leaving the dark and twisted behind. You are all by yourself, left there to make your way out of this crazy maze. We all get that once in a while. But what matters is that how well you put up with it and rise like a phoenix. Then you dust it off and keep going. That is how life rolls.
I don’t know how I could possibly come up with this stuff while working out. It was just so bizarre and broken, the thoughts. Nevertheless, It was one hell of a work out I should say! Don't even ask about the after effects of such strenuous tasks. 
Don't stop,keep it going ...
To Treadmills!

Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Believe In Fantasies...

      We all want to do a million things. As time passes by, our to-do list grows longer and longer like Rapunzel's hair. They are indeed bright and shiny, miraculous, exciting and full of zeal. We all want the best of things; we are in this constant quest of making memories and trying to do it all. But we all know that in order to gain something we need to sacrifice certain things. Everybody can’t have everything. You will have your own unfinished chores and endless desires. We all want a paced life.  Life has now become like travelling on a super fast express and covering the maximum places with the minimum time. But contempt is not about quantity it relies on the quality of life.They say,just sit back, calm down and spend the valuable time with your loved ones and learn to enjoy each and every moment of your life. Nothing is guaranteed and life is flexible, so let it be that way. You know that is why we need fantasies and dreams: to recreate our past, enhance our present and design our future.
      Sometimes we fantasize about things we know are far away from our reach, but still we sit there and wish for this Fairy Godmother to come and turn all our fantasies for real. We build castles in the cloud, play with the angels and constantly seek the silver lining in the cloud. I spend half my time dreaming and fantasizing about the most bizarre and exciting of things.I am sure even you might be that way. I want to live a life of adventure. You know like those Nomads,travelling all around the world and getting the best of these places. I want to be reckless and you know that gush of adrenaline that you get when you want to do SO MANY things and then you realize you have so little time. I am a person consumed by wanderlust. Most of all I just want to make some memories and I wish to share the moments with these awesome people filled with fun, craziness and love.  
       Some may call fantasies as hallucinating and you know wasting time and deviating from reality. But dreams and fantasies give you hope, they are the silver lining in the cloud, they help you undergo the toughest situations with ease. They let you experience the part which you know that you would most probably never get to do in life. Since we can’t have a jam packed life, we are at least allowed to experience these things virtually through fantasies and dreams. I have always believed that fantasies are so pure and unbiased. You weave them carefully selecting the strings of details up in your head, protecting them from the cruel eye of the monster. My fantasies make me feel so special and they cheer me up.But the irony lies in the fact that I have created this bit of fairytale. 
        Fantasy is a necessary ingredient in living. It makes even the blandest of situations taste better adding some spices,salt and balancing it all out. It is a way of understanding reality and not escaping from it. They are just a mental map of your desires in great detail. Believe in fantasies, they can take you places.  

Tuesday, 20 August 2013


     Tired and exhausted after a hectic day of school, we went in search for solace.Walking across the deserted parks and the jungle trees, meandering about our future endeavours and feeling extremely invincible. Sharing views, we marched without any navigation. Curious where this blooming path takes us. We took the road not taken and I must tell you we were indeed rewarded.
We had found our solace, our new adobe for simply everything. I still have a fresh and fragrant memory of that day.Rambling with our thoughts we arrived at this gorgeous circular ground. On one side lay the usual half cut granite park benches overshadowed by the enormous trees. The soft garden grass had bordered the ground leaving it bare in the middle. The weather was heavenly, the cool breeze blowing by giving goosebumps and a shiver up my spine. The sky was of this soothing warm blue. The hawks soaring in the sky, the dragon flies, kids playing cricket all of it just got to me. I for once could truly connect with everything around me. We were at first astonished by her beauty, but gradually became a part of her. We thumped our bags on the bench and ran around the ground like nothing else mattered, taking in the absolute purity of the place , unaware that this place would soon become our peace abode.And I swear in that moment I felt infinite. I could feel this bag of hope,power,faith and happiness unravelling within me. I felt so grateful and thankful for everything around me.Life just got brighter by a couple of shades.We played around for a while, clicking pictures to preserve these brilliant moments for ever.
     Then it rained, the divine drops elegantly falling on our faces. Experiencing this wonderful thing strengthened our bond.A magical beginning to our glory days. But again some things are inevitable.What has come together has to fall apart. At least this is how the universe works. Time had come for us to choose our paths and move on but this hadn't changed the relationship we shared. Because they are my constants, my forever and always.Some bonds just defy time, logic and distance. They are just meant to be...


" So I guess we are who we are for a lot of reasons. And maybe we'll never know most of them.But even if we don't have the power to choose where we come from,we can still choose where we go from here. We can still do things and we can try to feel okay about them."
      So, true right?! Yes, we are who we are. I am who I am and nothing can change that.A lot of factors contribute to who we are, be it biological or environmental factors.Nurture or Nature. You simply cant erase all of that, it is a part of you and always will be. We might at times be ashamed of who we are or feel happy about ourselves. But this doesn't matter after all. Right now, at this very moment I am a successful person not only because I was brought up and taught this way, but because I made all the choices, I chose my path and used my  power wisely and attained success,this is how it works.
       We make choices and take decisions in every single moment of our lives.This process happens constantly whether you are aware of it or not. Be it the colour of your dress or the combination of your future studies. What we do is that, we choose the option which seems more feasible and appealing to us at that moment. They say, your destiny is in your hands, so shape it wisely.Destiny is not a matter of chance, it is a matter of choice.It is not a thing to be waited for,but to be achieved. So it is the decisions and choices we make shape us into who we are. All those reasons that make us who we are should not affect our decision making. You have the power to define yourself, don't let anybody else sabotage that power. These reasons are a huge set of excuses that we use as a tool to escape from facing the dirty reality. You can go on about how you ended up here in this world because of this and that... I wouldn't be here if my parents hadn't met. I think about that kind of stuff most of the time but trust me the list is endless.Then I just stop after a point of time when I just feel glad that I am here today and wrap it up by appreciating the serendipity ness of it all. The whole concept of who I am, fascinates me so much. Have you ever ruminated over stuff like that?
     Who we are and what we have evolved into being are two different things. Choose wisely, you have the power with you to shape and direct yourself into a marvellous sculpture and what you were doesn't matter.So, keep going and participate in life, do things that you love to do and seek happiness in them.