Saturday, 31 August 2013

Treadmill Pe Gyan.

A few days ago I ended up in the Gym. Well that is what happens when your unconditional eternal love for food, backfires on you. I dislike those people who eat so much and still don’t manage to gain any sort of body mass. I wonder how they do it. All hail their metabolic system or whatever it is. My solution for all the problems is FOOD. It is something so amazing and trust me on this, food contains these yet to be discovered magical powers that can solve issues. I can’t even begin to tell you about my relationship with food. Keeping my love for food aside, let’s go back to my time in the gym. 
So, I began with the usual stretches and the belly exercises and stuff. How do the fitness freaks do it? This is so much work.Phew. "Self control and supposedly the love for their body",keeps them going.This is complete bull shit. After the superficial stretches, I hopped onto the treadmill, my favourite gym equipment, to get going with some serious exercise. I began running on the treadmill, I was staring out of the window which connected me to the outside world, this gihugic concrete carpet.Then it struck me like an epiphany.
Drops of sweat on my forehead, heart racing and all over I felt so light and the next moment these thoughts come rushing. It was a good feeling but behind all this good part was the side of truth, the cold, heavy not so easy to digest part. Life is a race, a journey. We all have our ways of running this marathon. You just have to keep going without questioning it's elements. You know like just go with the flow.The speed and inclination buttons are under your complete conscious control, so you get to adjust it and make the most of it. But then again we can’t just keep running for ever. We stop once in a while, breathe and boom we are back on track. We are provided with all the required tools or we acquire them sometimes. We break our journey down in to simpler steps , experiment on various theories and methods to reach the destination. We all have one thing in common, We all want to taste the fruit of success and achieve the ultimate goal, make it to the finish line. But what happens when we get there? What lies in the finish line?What's next? Aiming for the unknown.This element of curiosity is what keeps the race going. 
Then the darkness sets in.Sometimes it might seem like you have lost the race. You just can’t figure out what it is that you are doing. And your mind burdens you with all sorts of questions. It seems like you are heading nowhere. You are left all alone, hopelessly and you just seize to work. All the bright and shiny is just sucked out leaving the dark and twisted behind. You are all by yourself, left there to make your way out of this crazy maze. We all get that once in a while. But what matters is that how well you put up with it and rise like a phoenix. Then you dust it off and keep going. That is how life rolls.
I don’t know how I could possibly come up with this stuff while working out. It was just so bizarre and broken, the thoughts. Nevertheless, It was one hell of a work out I should say! Don't even ask about the after effects of such strenuous tasks. 
Don't stop,keep it going ...
To Treadmills!

Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Believe In Fantasies...

      We all want to do a million things. As time passes by, our to-do list grows longer and longer like Rapunzel's hair. They are indeed bright and shiny, miraculous, exciting and full of zeal. We all want the best of things; we are in this constant quest of making memories and trying to do it all. But we all know that in order to gain something we need to sacrifice certain things. Everybody can’t have everything. You will have your own unfinished chores and endless desires. We all want a paced life.  Life has now become like travelling on a super fast express and covering the maximum places with the minimum time. But contempt is not about quantity it relies on the quality of life.They say,just sit back, calm down and spend the valuable time with your loved ones and learn to enjoy each and every moment of your life. Nothing is guaranteed and life is flexible, so let it be that way. You know that is why we need fantasies and dreams: to recreate our past, enhance our present and design our future.
      Sometimes we fantasize about things we know are far away from our reach, but still we sit there and wish for this Fairy Godmother to come and turn all our fantasies for real. We build castles in the cloud, play with the angels and constantly seek the silver lining in the cloud. I spend half my time dreaming and fantasizing about the most bizarre and exciting of things.I am sure even you might be that way. I want to live a life of adventure. You know like those Nomads,travelling all around the world and getting the best of these places. I want to be reckless and you know that gush of adrenaline that you get when you want to do SO MANY things and then you realize you have so little time. I am a person consumed by wanderlust. Most of all I just want to make some memories and I wish to share the moments with these awesome people filled with fun, craziness and love.  
       Some may call fantasies as hallucinating and you know wasting time and deviating from reality. But dreams and fantasies give you hope, they are the silver lining in the cloud, they help you undergo the toughest situations with ease. They let you experience the part which you know that you would most probably never get to do in life. Since we can’t have a jam packed life, we are at least allowed to experience these things virtually through fantasies and dreams. I have always believed that fantasies are so pure and unbiased. You weave them carefully selecting the strings of details up in your head, protecting them from the cruel eye of the monster. My fantasies make me feel so special and they cheer me up.But the irony lies in the fact that I have created this bit of fairytale. 
        Fantasy is a necessary ingredient in living. It makes even the blandest of situations taste better adding some spices,salt and balancing it all out. It is a way of understanding reality and not escaping from it. They are just a mental map of your desires in great detail. Believe in fantasies, they can take you places.  

Tuesday, 20 August 2013


     Tired and exhausted after a hectic day of school, we went in search for solace.Walking across the deserted parks and the jungle trees, meandering about our future endeavours and feeling extremely invincible. Sharing views, we marched without any navigation. Curious where this blooming path takes us. We took the road not taken and I must tell you we were indeed rewarded.
We had found our solace, our new adobe for simply everything. I still have a fresh and fragrant memory of that day.Rambling with our thoughts we arrived at this gorgeous circular ground. On one side lay the usual half cut granite park benches overshadowed by the enormous trees. The soft garden grass had bordered the ground leaving it bare in the middle. The weather was heavenly, the cool breeze blowing by giving goosebumps and a shiver up my spine. The sky was of this soothing warm blue. The hawks soaring in the sky, the dragon flies, kids playing cricket all of it just got to me. I for once could truly connect with everything around me. We were at first astonished by her beauty, but gradually became a part of her. We thumped our bags on the bench and ran around the ground like nothing else mattered, taking in the absolute purity of the place , unaware that this place would soon become our peace abode.And I swear in that moment I felt infinite. I could feel this bag of hope,power,faith and happiness unravelling within me. I felt so grateful and thankful for everything around me.Life just got brighter by a couple of shades.We played around for a while, clicking pictures to preserve these brilliant moments for ever.
     Then it rained, the divine drops elegantly falling on our faces. Experiencing this wonderful thing strengthened our bond.A magical beginning to our glory days. But again some things are inevitable.What has come together has to fall apart. At least this is how the universe works. Time had come for us to choose our paths and move on but this hadn't changed the relationship we shared. Because they are my constants, my forever and always.Some bonds just defy time, logic and distance. They are just meant to be...


" So I guess we are who we are for a lot of reasons. And maybe we'll never know most of them.But even if we don't have the power to choose where we come from,we can still choose where we go from here. We can still do things and we can try to feel okay about them."
      So, true right?! Yes, we are who we are. I am who I am and nothing can change that.A lot of factors contribute to who we are, be it biological or environmental factors.Nurture or Nature. You simply cant erase all of that, it is a part of you and always will be. We might at times be ashamed of who we are or feel happy about ourselves. But this doesn't matter after all. Right now, at this very moment I am a successful person not only because I was brought up and taught this way, but because I made all the choices, I chose my path and used my  power wisely and attained success,this is how it works.
       We make choices and take decisions in every single moment of our lives.This process happens constantly whether you are aware of it or not. Be it the colour of your dress or the combination of your future studies. What we do is that, we choose the option which seems more feasible and appealing to us at that moment. They say, your destiny is in your hands, so shape it wisely.Destiny is not a matter of chance, it is a matter of choice.It is not a thing to be waited for,but to be achieved. So it is the decisions and choices we make shape us into who we are. All those reasons that make us who we are should not affect our decision making. You have the power to define yourself, don't let anybody else sabotage that power. These reasons are a huge set of excuses that we use as a tool to escape from facing the dirty reality. You can go on about how you ended up here in this world because of this and that... I wouldn't be here if my parents hadn't met. I think about that kind of stuff most of the time but trust me the list is endless.Then I just stop after a point of time when I just feel glad that I am here today and wrap it up by appreciating the serendipity ness of it all. The whole concept of who I am, fascinates me so much. Have you ever ruminated over stuff like that?
     Who we are and what we have evolved into being are two different things. Choose wisely, you have the power with you to shape and direct yourself into a marvellous sculpture and what you were doesn't matter.So, keep going and participate in life, do things that you love to do and seek happiness in them.