Thursday, 14 November 2013

Ten years from now.

'Have you ever thought about what it would be like ten years from now?' She asked me in a sort of lost- in -my -thoughts -dreamy way. 'Well I haven't given much thought to it' I said.
'I feel that no matter how old you are and no matter what life brings your way, one must always have plans and a purpose worth living for.' She replied. I couldn't agree more. 
All that you have is this one life and you might as well die some day without any significant accomplishment. By accomplishment I don't mean to say, to win a Nobel Prize or to become the President. I am simply referring to things like, completing all the activities in your customized to-do list, travelling to some place, staying past your curfew and feeling so badass about it or burning those brownies that you baked for your friend’s birthday. It could be as insignificant as buying your favourite orange sweatshirt. (Well in my case it was the orange sweatshirt) That is how memories are made. Most of the time you don't really plan for things to happen, they just come your way.
But yet again this insignificant act is what might become a significant accomplishment. They talk about happiness from the unexpected places. These things might not matter now, but when I look back in to my life ten years later, it is the orange sweatshirt that accompanied me on that adventure or nursed me through the Himalayan weather. 
See there, I'll have stories to tell and significant memories to recollect. The circumstances that life puts you in are inevitable, so why not look forward to these moments with a grin on your face and some optimistic plans stacked up in your head. Then again, I guess it is okay if things don't happen the way we expected or go according to the plans we jotted down. The whole point of making plans is just giving you a purpose to live or something to look forward to. Just for the fun of it, when you recall these adventures with your friend, talk about the drama and the memorable moments.
This random conversation with my friend actually got me thinking about things like, where would I be ten years from now? What would I be doing? Will I survive this brutal world till then? It sparked a sense of bewilderness. All that I knew was, I had to be somewhere right. Breathing in some colourful corner of this world or merged with the colourful hues of the rainbows. Either ways I will be in some place, be it the mountain peaks or the river valleys. Only that it wouldn’t be so colourful. Forgive the delirium that I constantly live in.  I wonder what that some place would look like. In my head, ten years from now I will be twenty five, hopefully with a decent college degree and if I am lucky enough you would find me training in the IAA in the heavenly hills of Mussourie. This is just a vague outlook of my ambitious ten year plan. You never know where this is going to take me. For now all that I can hope for it to be a nice lovely rainbow-ish place. Then again it is not going to be all the nice you know.
 Ten years from now all my experiences will make me stronger and a better person, I know that for sure. One important thing is that by then I have to find my love and somehow cupid has got to shoot his goddamn arrow and spare me the crazy old cat lady's fate.  I want to welcome love when he finally arrives with a bang. I wish to save the details for later.
One can’t always keep Carpe-ing the Diem. If you seize every moment of the day, living it to the fullest, as infinite and blissful it sounds it is just boring trust me. So it is okay to sway away from your routine and to sit there dream and make more plans, when things don’t go right.

I might just read this post ten years from now and laugh out loud about my amateur and highly optimistic plans. 
So let's see Ten years from now what awaits for me. Ambition or Crazy cat lady?! 

P.S - I posted this a few days back but it happened to magically disappear. Somehow I managed to put it all back but it just doesn't seem right. It tastes like my chocolate cake recipe is missing something important and I just don't know what it is. I'll let you know if I ever figure it out. 

Sunday, 3 November 2013

The Festival of Lights.

I began writing this post in my beautiful balcony overseeing the concrete jungle of Bangalore. Quite a view I must say. Only that I chose the wrong time to experience the usually peaceful-calm-serene balcony to pump in some inspiration for my bland post. Just then I was welcomed with the loud bursting noise of the crackers, it grew louder and worse. Well, my bad. I almost forgot that Diwali was here. (The Gregorian calender is very confusing and inefficient!) I just couldn't stand the annoying noise, I ran back into the house with nothing more than a severe headache and a confused mind.
 My English teacher had taught me that ' Diwali is the festival of lights', I remember writing the same in my childhood school essays. It is funny how certain things that are given emphasis in school/ things that you learn in school, once you grow up and meet the real world out there they seem nothing more than a LIE( I feel so let down and sad about that). Over the years I have witnessed Deepavali  become the festival of noise and pollution. It is like celebrating the catalyst in damaging our beloved mother nature. Not to mention the sad state of those adorable dogs out there. I completely empathize with the dogs, dog owners, environment lovers and all those people who are happy with lighting lamps, dressing up ,eating sweets and are scared of bursting crackers and cover it up with the pretext of being ' ecofriendly'. You guys are indirectly doing a great help, you must have realised it by now. Thank you so much.
This festive season is the most awaited one in India. The mouth watering home made sweets and savouries over a hundred varieties which never fails to entertain you mouth and weight. A month before Diwali you can see Gym's overflowing with people trying to shed that extra bit of fat so they can fit into that new sherwani or show off their belly button in that sexy ghaghara. Sending out hand picked assorted sweet boxes to your loved ones. The beautiful bright diyas adding on to the festiveness. The colourful patterns of rangoli. The facebook status updates and glamorous pictures.The entertaining shows keeping us anchored to the television ( that way we can have some great family time).The ever increasing long shopping lists, the appealing discount rates in supermarkets and the feeble economy and its inflationary rates leaves the common man satisfied only with stacking kilos of onions. The festival of lights calls for this and so much more!
Socializing with your distant cousins, family and friends over a scrumptious diwali feast is most common in the elite families of India, exchanging gifts as if it were the Indian Christmas, making small talk and sipping that last bit of aam panna. Some are happy with laddoos, phone calls to their relatives, a box of fire crackers and the within-budget new clothes brought with their diwali bonus. While the rest have to settle for a gaze at the ever crackling sparkling cracker show in the night sky, sighing and hoping if they  are lucky enough to come across a decent piece of laddoo or let alone a square meal. This is the diversity of India that we often boast about.
Well, I bet you all have put on those extra kilos munching on your mum's yummy diwali specials; at your best and gleeful wearing the shimmery costumes; enjoying the visual feast around you; bursting crackers, illuminating your house with the ever serene diyas; friends, families, love and positivity. The hustle bustle, jhatak matak, loud noises, bold colours and happy people; that is what Indian festivals are about.
 There is something special about the festival of lights that sets it apart for the year long festivals celebrated in India. Amidst the festive frenzy and the smell of crackers fresh in the air, all the evil that has to be dealt with is forgotten ( that is not very good for long) and a sense of belongingness and happiness is found in every bright corner of India.
It is the spirit of festival at its best.
Happy Diwali, play it safe!

Reasons behind celebrating Diwali-

                                                                       P.C- Alvina Joshi

One Fine Morning...

I woke up one fine morning,
I couldn't recognise this place,
But there was something so strangely familiar,
that left me ruminating.
It felt like somebody had erased my memory
and left me free in the wild.
A vulnerable animal, hiding from the predator.
Only to know that I was the predator.
Feeding my own dark thoughts,
giving rise to the monster within me.
It was like yesterday never happened,
Whatever I believed was true, started crumbling apart,
My senses were defying my belief.
I ran around in utter disbelief,
Confusion, chaos and curiosity struck me,
like Zeus' lightning bolt.
I found myself in the middle of Nowhere.
I ran like a wild bull was charging me,
My heart pounding with anxiety,
I stopped by a deserted alley to catch my breath,
But when I got there it wasn't quite deserted!
I noticed : these bunch of  girls giggling and chatting ,
Aunties shopping and gossiping around the corner,
I could hear the click of champagne glasses.
Weirdly,no one seems to notice me.
There was this couple and a young girl,
seated on a couch and engaged in a intense debate.
She was scared, I could tell that by the look of her eyes,
They were so deep,it was as if she was trying to tell me something
Something precautionary, something that would explain my wild run this morning.
But I couldn't make sense of the happenings.
Just then, I found myself looking at this little girl
She was safely wrapped around in her blanky,
I watched her closely, the happiness and bliss on her innocent face was priceless.
Maybe that is what I was looking for, the pure serenity.
All of a sudden this little angel disappeared,
leaving behind  fairy dust.
The more I looked around for answers,
the more I lost them.
I was left where I started off.
Practically, I was getting Nowhere.
I needed to figure out why I went to the deserted alley in the first place.
Time was running out, my conscience didn't seem to cooperate.
Everything was known, yet so unknown.
My identity, I don't know what that is?!
Do I even belong somewhere?
All that I knew was, I am self contradicting.
Funny, how I could sense the paradox under such circumstances.
I woke up one fine morning,
Except that it was everything but fine.
Everything and everybody had changed,
that is what I felt until the little girl came in,
It was not them after all,
regardless that their opinions were the catalysts.
It was my perspective and that is all that mattered.
I grabbed my chisel and began building what looked like a sculpture,
Honestly, I didn't know what I was doing.
I built it like 'they' asked me to,
A made-up identity didn't last long,
I was charged guilty soon.
It took me quite some time to realise,
that 'I' was no longer what I thought I was,
Things had changed and 'I' grew up.
I seek a greater understanding within myself.
I was aware of the complexity of the situation,
I am stuck between the force of time and the intricacy of my perspectives.
The more I try to free myself, the more I get strangled between the forces.
I am scared of the known,
I am fragile and in need of repair.
I look for the silver lining out there,
But the cloud pours heavily on me.
I woke up one fine morning,
Hoping that it isn't a teenage dream gone wrong.
Maybe it is not as bad as it seems...

P.S- I just can't decide on a post title for this one.